How to replace broken or lost remote?

Every remote control is not perfect, after long time using it, our remote is often lost or broken or not working because of rough environment. How should I do?


 You have four options for option:

  1. Buy one full set from remote control factory to replace it

This is the easiest way for user , however the receiver is usually in good condition, and vey pity to replace the remainnng receiverr.


 Also very costly for buyer to replace remote.


  1. Only buy one handheld remote from original factory

Each remote data is unique, in the back side of remote and receiver, we write S/N and CH to specific data. If you lost your handheld remote, tell us these information, we make a new handheld remote, same factory, same brand, same model, same S/N and same channel to pare with your left receiver.


This is the easier way to save cost and time. 

3.  Programmed it by yourself.

Some of our clients are trader, it will take long time to make a new one from our side to the trader, the end user, so buying one copier to copy left receiver data to new transmitter is the fastest way.

4.    Buy extra transmitter.


Some factory to give a perfect test for their customers, two transmitter with 1 receiver to their equipment will be better choice. 

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