Customer Visit- Acontrol Remote

Customer from Pakistan

This is Shahzad Hashmi from Pakistan visiting our factory in April, 2018.  They are very nice men and talkative men, we talk a long time by our F24-10S and decide to visit our factory during his Chinese trip and bring one sample to their factory to test.After tested it for 6 months , they give us an official order and let us send them to his supplier. Thanks for his support to our company.

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Why You Need Wireless Remote Control?

   1. The most important advantage is improve safety because it allows the operator to control the equipment from a long distance, even 100 meters away, Walk around to select a better cplace to drop things off and don’t need to saty near the hanging material.  2. The second advatange is  improve effienciency ,  one person don’t need stay  near pendent control cable to press the push button or a cab to control the equipment.  3.  Increase your porducitivity and save time , because one operator can control  two machine or more at the same time, even if  controlling 6 or 7  equipment are  available, and don’t need to go here and there to cotnrol different equipment, reducing the operational cost and manpower cost.    

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How to replace broken or lost remote?

Every remote control is not perfect, after long time using it, our remote is often lost or broken or not working because of rough environment. How should I do?    You have four options for option: Buy one full set from remote control factory to replace it This is the easiest way for user , however the receiver is usually in good condition, and vey pity to replace the remainnng receiverr.    Also very costly for buyer to replace remote.   Only buy one handheld remote from original factory Each remote data is unique, in the back side of remote and receiver, we write S/N and CH to specific data. If you lost your handheld remote, tell us these information, we make a new handheld

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Wireless Remote Control

Truck Wireless Remote Control

The client from Australia who ordered DC24V F24-12S Truck Wireless Remote Control many times, they found us on alibaba and gave us a call to ask this model, after that, we  started our long term business relationships. Also, they introduce our products to their Chinese supplier who offer this truck and export them to Australia.   They use 10 motiton with start for their truck equipment, and customized button text, see the following photo.   Funtion button:  1. Body Up /Down 2.Winch In /Out 3. Wheel In /Out 4. Body In/Out 5. Wheel Up/Down 6. Start/Alarm Thanks deeply for this client, they bring us new application usage. 

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Hoist Remote Control

Up/Down hoist remote control

The model is F21-2S with single speed, wireless control, up and down two function button , IP65(waterproof and dust-proof ).etc Hoist industry is very important industry  for F21-2S model. It can be used for 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 5000kg, 7500kg , etc.  and replacing  the wired control from these equipment are also popular.  2 speed are available.    Any more interest welcome to inquiry !

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Acontrol Remote Electronic Co., Ltd

Congratulation to visit Acontrol Remote, our webiste is starting here, if you have any question about remote control, cotnact us.   When i first got in remote control in 2011,  i feel that is so fascinating, the operator control a device from long distance, and the result is the machine starting and move it, make me very suprise.     In 2016, i set up my own company business in remote control, including radio remote control, crane remote control, joystick remote control, crane pendent control and accessories. Of course,technical support like connection and function are available.  We are not leading manufacturer of remote control in China, however, we manage to create more value for customers and create more opportunity to our emplyee, win-win-win are our finally

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