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What’s the meaning of IP65?

6 function button+ 1 start + 1 EMS

IP stands for International Protection Code, and is used to identify the level of protection. The IP rating consists of two numbers, the first indicating protection from dust, the second indicating protection from water. The higher the number on Jib crane remote control , the greater the protection.   Below is the meaning of two numbers: […]

Truck Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control

The client from Australia who ordered DC24V F24-12S Truck Wireless Remote Control many times, they found us on alibaba and gave us a call to ask this model, after that, we  started our long term business relationships. Also, they introduce our products to their Chinese supplier who offer this truck and export them to Australia.   […]

Up/Down hoist remote control

Hoist Remote Control

The model is F21-2S with single speed, wireless control, up and down two function button , IP65(waterproof and dust-proof ).etc Hoist industry is very important industry  for F21-2S model. It can be used for 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 5000kg, 7500kg , etc.  and replacing  the wired control from these equipment are also popular.  2 speed are […]

Acontrol Remote Electronic Co., Ltd

Congratulation to visit Acontrol Remote, our webiste is starting here, if you have any question about remote control, cotnact us.   When i first got in remote control in 2011,  i feel that is so fascinating, the operator control a device from long distance, and the result is the machine starting and move it, make […]

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